Be the Early Bird: 5 Things You Should Do a Week Before the Start of a New Semester

College professors expect you to hit the ground running. So, it only makes sense to start prepping for your new semester at least a week in advance. Here are five things you should start doing a full week before your new semester adventures begin.

#1 Start Checking Your Email

Your professors will likely email the syllabus, and a welcome message sometime during the week before a new semester. In that email, you might just get a surprise and find out that you have homework due the very first day of class. Don’t get caught unaware. Check your email once or twice per day so you can get any surprise assignments completed before you make a terrible first impression.

Those emails will also help you be aware of last minute room number changes, book list changes, and alterations to the expected curriculum.

#2 Double and Triple Check Your Schedule

This tip is vital, especially if you have a job. Things can shift around making your life miserable. Check your school schedule and your work schedule regularly so you can fix conflicts before they turn into huge problems.

#3 Find Your Classrooms

Especially if you’re unfamiliar with the buildings or room numbers, head up to campus and find your classes. You won’t have to risk getting lost or being late for your first day. An online map is helpful, but distances between buildings are always deceiving. Use the map as a guide, but go up and find your classes in person.

#4 Read Your Syllabi 

Again, most professors send out the syllabus before the first day. Read each one over carefully. They’ll help you get an idea of class expectations and your workload for the semester. They’ll also help you find out what supplies you’ll need for each class.

#5 Check On Your Financial Aid

You should have started setting up your financial aid weeks ago. However, the week before the semester starts, be vigilant about checking up on your financial aid. If there are any problems, be determined and get them resolved before it’s too late.



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