Breaking Out of the Bubble: The Importance of Getting Off Campus Regularly

College campuses and their surrounding area make up a world all their own. Inside that world are homework assignments, classmates, teachers, deans, classrooms, and the college vibe. It’s a great place to learn, grow, and find your place in a unique community. However, it’s also a bubble with the illusion of the real world. You should find a way to leave campus regularly. Here’s why.


College is exhausting, and as long as you’re on campus, you’re constantly reminded of the academic and physical pressures you’re under. If you stay on campus 24/7 without a break, you’ll be more likely to burn out. Get away from it all and visit your family, take a trip to the next town over, or just go for a long drive to shake off the stress.


The real world is not like your college town. Your demographic is full of mostly people your age who are getting an education. The rest of the world is far more diverse and much harder than your everyday campus bubble. Go out and interact with people of non-college town communities as often as you can, and see what the real world is really like.


There isn’t a lot of variety in the shopping, food, or buildings of a college town. It may seem fresh and shiny at the beginning of your college career, but it gets old and fast. Break away and see something new every once in a while. Go to a different restaurant, take a walk in a new park, or just get out to a part of town you don’t see very often. It can give you a fresh feeling and a new perspective.

Break away from campus as often as you can. You will be surprised by how much it can help you relax and learn. Your education is important, and your campus is a beautiful place but, the other beautiful places can add some variety to your world. Get out there and see something new.

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