Campus Clubs: Balancing Life in a College Club

The chances are that there are tons of clubs all over campus that you aren’t even aware of. These clubs are full of interesting people gathering around common interests. They are the perfect opportunity to make new friends, explore new things, and get some new perspectives on life. However, it is important to find out if a club is right for you, understand what it means to be part of that club, and how to balance it with your already hectic life. Let’s take a look.

Finding a Club

Your school website should have a listing of all the registered campus clubs, their meeting times, and information on how to contact and join each club. You can also find information by watching public bulletinĀ boards and paying attention to fliers taped to different walls.

Sometimes, your school will allow clubs to set up information booths in high-traffic places like the student union/student building, a common area in the library, or near the dorms. Information booths will allow you to speak with members of the club who can answer all of your questions directly.

Is This The Right Club For You?

Some clubs look like a good idea on the surface, but when you get into them you realize they’re not the right fit. Don’t waste your time and money joining up and paying dues or fees before you do some research. Talk to people in the club, ask a lot of questions about club inclusiveness, atmosphere, philosophies, and activities. Make sure this is a good club to join.

Hazing is a real and dangerous issue. Never feel so connected to one club or group that you allow yourself to be hazed in exchange for the right to join. It’s not worth it. Hazers are not your friends. If someone tries to haze you, defend yourself the best you can and call campus police immediately. If you even feel a little funny about it, do not join. It’s not worth your life.

Club Schedules

Make sure that you have time to join a club before you even consider joining. Do some digging to make sure that the club will not interfere with your study time, your class schedule or your job. A club should never come first.

Clubs are excellent social activities that can lead you to some amazing experiences. Do your research to find the best fit for you. Make your memories and have fun. College is about more than grades and papers and a club can be an opportunity to have a full, rounded college experience.

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