Campus Holidays: Enjoying Your Holidays at School

The holiday season is upon us, and for a lot of students that can up the homesickness all the more. A lot of college student won’t go home for the holidays due to travel expenses or other such circumstances. If you find yourself in this category, fear not. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the holidays when you’re away from home and minimize the holiday blues. Here’s how.

Video Chat

Use Skype or another video call service to contact your family and friends back home. Make time to check in often. It’ll help you to see your loved one’s faces around the holidays. Make an effort to connect, and you’ll feel less lonely and more loved.

Build a Family

Get together with your friends. Throw a party and invite them over. Hang out on campus, and spend a lot of times socializing. They may not be the family that raised you, but your friends can be your family all the same. If you find yourself neglecting your friendships for the sake of studying then stop it; make time to keep friends around you. You need a support system.


There’s no better way to shake yourself out of the holiday blues than by helping others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, an animal shelter, visit people in retirement homes or collect toys for underprivileged children. Find a cause and throw yourself into making the world a better place. You’ll feel better, and you’ll do some good.

Get Festive

It’s easy to feel like decorating for yourself is pointless. However, putting up decorations, recreating family traditions and living the season to it’s fullest leads to happieness. Ignoring the holidays never turns out well. Have you ever seen the movie Christmas With the Kranks? They gave it a shot, and it didn’t go in their favor. Live it up.

Have Fun

The holidays are about joy and celebration. Get out there and have fun. Enjoy it. Live it. Get out of your dorm/apartment/house and do something amazing and make a fantastic memory.

Just because you’re not home for the holidays doesn’t mean your season has to suck. Sure, you’ll probably feel sad because you’re not around your loved ones and you might feel a little blue. Being a bit blue is ok. However, get out there and have the best season you can have. Be with your friends, call home, and make memories. Your life is always changing, and you have to accept it, and love it. Happiness is about choosing your best option and enjoying what’s in front of you. So, get out there and make the most of it.


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