Campus Romances: Knowing When You’re Ready and How to Manage It

You might think you’re too busy for a relationship right now. Or, you’re not ready to tie yourself to one person at the moment. Maybe you’ll wait until after this semester, or the next. Your head has a lot of excuses for staying away from serious relationships, but your heart isn’t listening. You’ll be sitting in one of your classes, and you’ll lock eyes with a cutie sitting next to you and WHAM, the love bug will hit you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Are you ready? How do you know? You’re in college, how are you going to manage a relationship with everything else? These are all great questions. Let’s talk about how to answer them.

Are You Ready? 

Only you can determine whether or not you’re ready for a romantic relationship. However, there are some good reasons to put off romance, and then there are some not so good reasons. Here are the good reasons to avoid a relationship for a little while.

You Just Broke Up With Someone

Rebound relationships are never a good idea. Wait until you’ve had some time to recover from the last relationship before jumping into the next one.

You’re Experiencing a Major Life Changing Event

Even good changes bring stress, and stress has an enormous impact on how you make decisions. Research suggests that people who are stressed tend to look far more at the positives than the negatives when weighing decisions. When you’re thinking about starting a relationship under pressure, you might just ignore some major red flags.


If you’ve over any past relationships and you’re not under any unusual stress, then you’re probably ready to dive into romance. However, think about what you want. If you want to be in a relationship, then you’re probably ready. If you don’t want to be in a relationship, take some time out for yourself until you do.

How Do You Manage A Relationship When You’re In College

Relationships require a huge time commitment for them to grow. Unfortunately, classes, homework, and work probably take up most of your time. Working a relationship into your already busy schedule is difficult, but it’s worth it. Here are a few ways you can make it work.

Keep a Schedule

Create a plan and organize your classes, work shifts, and homework time. Then, together with your new boyfriend/girlfriend sit down and find when you both have free time. Knowing each other’s schedules can also help you be spontaneous and romantic when you suddenly have free time when you know the other person does too.

Do Homework Together

Even if you’re not in the same classes, it can be fun to sit next to each other while you’re both doing homework. It also takes study time and turns it into together time.

Make Each Other a Priority

Yes, your life is busy. However, you probably have more free time than you realize. Make the other person one of your priorities. Don’t fail your classes and don’t lose your job, but remember that if you care about each other, you’ll find time to be together. Phone calls, text messages, study dates, or just meeting up on classes on your breaks go a long way toward building a lasting bond.

Campus relationships can be tricky, but they’re worth it. Keep an open mind and follow your heart. Falling in love can be a beautiful part of the college experience. Don’t let fleeting worries stop you from finding something that just might last a lifetime.

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