Digital Education: The Pros and Cons of Online Classes

Online classes are becoming more and more widely available in colleges, universities, trade schools, and technical institutes across the globe. Some schools are even offering entire degree programs online via Skype, email correspondence, instant messaging programs, and more. These courses may seem like the ideal for supplementing your degree. However, they aren’t for everyone. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons associated with online courses.



Online courses allow you to study anytime, anywhere. As long as you meet your due dates, and you commit to completing online chats, group work, or professor correspondence when you should, you are free to learn at your own pace. This is an excellent option for students with already overloaded class schedules, students who work, and students who have children or are caregivers.


A lot of people can’t focus as well outside of a rigid classroom environment. The flexibility of an online class can be your undoing if you are not good at self-motivating. A lot of students forget about their online classes and end up getting behind. You have to know yourself. If you do not work well on your own schedule, an online class might not be for you.



A lot of people learn better when they are left to figure things out on their own. An online course provides you with the opportunity to study on your own and in your own way without the confusion of several influences you would typically find in the classroom.


A lot of people need the lecture and class discussion environment. They need to bounce ideas around in a discussion, they need to work it out with peers, and they need the guiding hand of a dedicated, in-person professor. If this sounds like you, then maybe you should reconsider taking any online courses.

Before you sign up for online courses, get to know yourself. Are you the type to study on your own? Do you like figuring things out without someone else’s help? Do you like class discussion and showing up to campus? These questions can help you recognize your learning style. Once you know your learning style, you will be better prepared to find the class options that are right for you. Everyone is different. Find out what you need and go for it.


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