Dorm Stuff: 5 Things You’ll Need for Your Dorm That You’ll Probably Forget

Moving into a dorm for the first time can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. That is why it takes so much planning and preparation to make sure you have everything you need before you get to campus. Sure, there’s probably a supermarket where you can buy the things you forget, but it’s so much easier to relax and unpack your stuff without having to run out and spend even more money that you probably don’t have. Here are five things you’ll need for dorm life that you’ll probably forget.

#1 A First Aid Kit

Just a small first aid kit complete with bandages, antibacterial ointment, over the counter pain killers and antihistamines, and some alcohol swabs can go a long way toward keeping you happy and healthy. Not only will you benefit from having a first aid kit on hand, but your roommates will love you for it too.

#2 Toilet Paper

Nothing says “fun” like showing up to your dorm and realizing at the last minute that none of your roommates brought toilet paper. A small package of TP not only saves everyone from bathroom emergencies but also earns you a lot of friends. Bring enough to share.

#3 A Garbage Can

Even if there is a large kitchen trash can in your dorm, you’ll want a small waste basket to keep next to your bed or computer desk. It can help keep your space clean and organized while saving you the frustrating of piling up your garbage for trips to the main trash can.

#4 Basic Cleaning Supplies

Some antibacterial wipes, dish soap, paper towels, and a broom can be a huge boon to your college experience. You can keep them in your room or share with your roommates to help maintain the dorm. A clean space will allow you to think better and stay healthier throughout your college experience.

#5 Extra Bedding

A lot of college students make the mistake of bringing only one set of sheets to college. While you can survive on only one set, life is much easier if you have at least two. Two sets allow you to trade out your sheets to wash the others. Also, if you spill something on your bed late at night, you won’t have to sleep on a bare mattress until you can get around to washing your sheets.

With just a little foresight and preparation, you can have a great first few days in your dorm. Just remember to bring the essentials plus a few creature comforts to keep you comfortable, healthy, and sane. Starting college is stressful enough without forgetting the bare necessities.


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