Finals Week Recovery: How to Revive Yourself After Finals

Finals are some of the roughest experiences of your college career. Stress is at an all-time high, and your brain gets overworked on an hourly basis. When it’s over, it can be hard to recover. Here are some tips and tricks for reviving yourself after finals week.


It’s ok to crash for a day or two after finals week. In fact, it’s healthy. You need to recover your strength and let your emotions come out. Sleep, eat well and binge-watch your favorite TV shows. Cry, scream, and vent as much as possible. Get it out of your system before next semester. It’s ok to be a hot mess for a couple of days. It’s all part of the process.

Do Something Fun

Do something silly and fun. Finals week is too straight-laced and severe. Shake off the stress and hit a skating rink, go to the movies, or hit an arcade with your friends. Let yourself be a kid and have a good time. You deserve it.

Get Off Campus

When you’ve turned in your last final, get away from campus. Wander around a mall for a few hours, or hit a movie, or go to a museum. Do anything you can do to spend a little time away from your classrooms and the source of all your anxiety. Get out and let your brain recover for a while.


Pass or fail, the semester is over. You survived. Now, celebrate. Go out with friends or throw a party with family. Do something to pat yourself on the back for living through the nightmare.

Finals week is brutal, so give yourself a few days to recover. Shake off the stress, cry it out, wear comfortable clothes, and eat whatever you want. It’s over. Let yourself move on.

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