Free Seminars: Getting the Full Experience

You’ve probably noticed the fliers for free seminars, and lecture series posted all over campus. Most students, particularly undergrads, roll their eyes at the thought of sitting through an extra lecture for “fun.” What they don’t realize is that they can get a lot of benefit from those free opportunities to learn. Here’s why every college student should attend at least one extracurricular seminar or lecture series during their formal education.

The Full College Experience

College has a lot of experiences that are harder to have after graduation. Attending on-campus seminars is one such experience. You want to look back on your time at school and say that you dove in and took hold of everything that came your way without regretting the things you didn’t do.

Making Connections

A lot of times, the presenters for these seminars and lectures are professors at your school. Attending the events can help you get to know those teachers a little better and make useful connections for your education and future career.

Free Education

Most of the seminars and lectures are free for college students, and there’s no homework attached to them. So, why not gather all the learning you can from your college experience? Why not sit and learn everything you possibly can learn from great minds? These presentations are your opportunity to expand your knowledge of endless subjects for free. These lectures and seminars are your chance to improve your education without any strings attached.

You deserve to grab hold of everything your school can offer and make good use of the opportunities for learning that come your way. Attend a campus lecture series or a seminar. At worst you spent an evening learning something new. At best you’ll make connections, gain fascinating information, and have a good time. College is your chance to learn, so take it.


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