Freshmen Experiences: Living Your First College Days

Your first year in college is a whole world of exciting new things. While it can be stressful, it can be a lot of fun. Let’s take a peek at some of the experiences you can expect your freshman year.

Setting Up School

That moment of truth when you open your acceptance letter is only the beginning. From that moment you have to work full steam ahead setting up your financial aid, registering for your school, enrolling in classes, settling your housing situation, and everything else you need to do to set up your school.

For a lot of freshmen, this is an exciting but hectic time. A lot of new students forget to take a moment to savor the experience. So, take a day to let it all sink in. It’s ok to feel nervous as long as you remember to get excited about all the wonderful things ahead of you.

Living Away From Home

For most college freshmen, their first year of college also means their first time living away from home. A lot of first-year students love their new freedom, but secretly miss living with their families.

Most freshmen have roommates. Roommates are kind of a grab bag of people from all walks of life thrown together into a tiny dorm room and asked to get along. While this can lead to lasting friendships, this can also lead to major headaches.

Take time to communicate your needs with your roommates in a calm setting. Discuss what your habits are like, find out about their’s and together try to find a sustainable living rhythm. If you can’t stand each other, talk to your dorm room advisor. It happens. Sometimes two personalities just don’t mix.

At the same time, it is important to try and work things out with your roommates. Even two best friends can get on each other’s nerves from time to time. Be patient and understanding, and above all else, be forgiving. Everyone is going to be stressed. It’s ok to have disagreements as long as you keep communicating effectively.

Total Responsibility

In college, you don’t have the luxury of your parents or guardians fixing all of your problems for you. You’re on your own. Your laundry is your problem. Your food is your problem. And yes, your grades are your problem. You are the only one who can make your life run smoothly. You are the one who has to figure it all out. So, be an adult about it. Set boundaries for yourself and stick with them. Don’t let your new found freedom be the downfall of your college experience by partying too hard, getting behind in your bills, or choosing social time over study time. Enjoy your new freedom by making good choices.

You only get one freshman year of college. Make sure to step back and enjoy all of the new experiences that come your way. This year is an opportunity for huge personal growth and your introduction to the real world. Make memories, make new friends, and love every exciting new moment.

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