Impressing the Professor: How to Get Good Attention In Class

Many college classes are enormous. One hundred or more students get crammed into an auditorium and listen to a minimally interactive lecture. You might think that it’s impossible to stand out or make an impression on your professors due to the sheer number of students that they have. However, if you’re smart, you can stand out and make and impress your instructors without looking like you’re trying too hard. Here’s how.

#1 Get Dressed

College is stressful, and it feels like you live on campus. It’s easy to slip into wearing sweats or even pajamas to class on a regular basis. It might be comfortable, but it could be hurting your image with your teachers. It’s important to dress appropriately for class. Jeans and t-shirt should be as casual as you get. No, don’t dress up in a business suit every day. Shoot for jeans and a clean shirt free of holes or fading. A good rule of thumb is to try and dress like you’re visiting a highly respected family friend on a casual afternoon.

#2 Sit Near the Front

A vast auditorium makes it easy for you to blend into the background. You don’t have to be in the front row but aim to sit within the first three rows of the auditorium as often as you can. Your professor will find it easier to remember you if they see you.

#3 Participate

If your professor asks a question or requests assistance, try to volunteer. However, only volunteer if you think you know the answer. You should also raise your hand and ask questions. Asking questions shows that you’re engaged with the material, and you’re taking advantage of your education.

#4 Study Hard

The best way to impress your instructors is to shine on tests and assignments. Study hard and do your best.

#5 Attend Office Hours

Bring in your papers to office hours and ask for your professor’s opinion and help. They will appreciate the added effort on your part, and you will get better grades for taking their advice. It’ll also give you both the chance to form a professional relationship that will benefit you for your entire career.

Standing out in college isn’t hard. Just put forth a little extra effort, and your professor will appreciate it. Be true to yourself and do your best. College can be your chance to shine.


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