Junior Year: Where The World Gets Bigger

Junior year is a time of change, planning, and growing. Let’s explore all the crazy experiences coming at you this year.

Specified Programs

Junior year is stressful and amazing all at once. You should have joined a particular program by now, and this is the year it all gets started. Your program specific courses are some of the most important classes of your college career. These are the courses meant to prepare you for life in your desired career path after graduation. This is the time to get serious about your future. You need to start making some heavy decisions about what you want to be when you grow up, whether or not you want to go to grad school, and what life after graduation will look like.

Preparing for Graduation

Junior year is the time to start thinking about graduation. Are you going to be able to graduate with the rest of your class, or will you need one or two more semesters to finish everything? Do you have everything on the path to graduation? These are serious questions you need to ask yourself. Junior year is a good time to sit down with your academic adviser for a quick graduation check-up. This year is also a good opportunity to sit yourself down and think about what you want from your degree. Is this the right degree path for you? Are you going where you want to be going in life? Do some soul searching. This year is a good time to make changes, but make sure you’re serious about them.

Paying it Forward

As a junior, you have enough college experience to know your way around. This year is your opportunity to befriend sophomores and freshmen and help them find their way. Be a good mentor. Show them how to navigate college without experiencing a major crash and burn. Your skills can be vital to keep someone else on a good path. Be positive, encouraging, and helpful as you interact with other students.

Don’t Get Distracted

For a lot of juniors, distraction is a major pitfall. You’re probably sitting comfortably in your program (something you fought for), and you’re just looking down the road to senior year. Some students start slacking off because they’re tired and they think they can handle it.

Don’t slack off. You’ve got two more years at this. It’s time to push forward and reach your goals.

Be Serious About Your Future

Some juniors find out they hate their degree program but stick with it just to graduate. Others know they hate their degree program and drop out because they think they need to start over. Both of these options are sad. Sit down and think about what you want from life. It is not too late to start another program. Yes, it will probably delay graduation by a semester or two, but it’s better than being miserable, and it’s better than giving up and dropping out. Be serious about your future. You’re worth the effort.

Junior year is an amazing opportunity for growth, change, and self-investment. Spend your energy and effort on becoming the person that you want to become. This is your life. This is your future. Give it everything you’ve got. The finish line is just around the corner.

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