Learning for Life: The Benefits of Taking Classes Outside of Your Major

A lot of students set their sights on graduation right from freshman year. They jump into a program and never deviate if they can avoid it. While this goal-oriented mindset is good, to a point, it’s important to remember that the whole purpose of going to college is to learn. Here are some of the biggest benefits of allowing yourself to branch out and take some courses outside of your major.

Resume Builders

Courses like Intro to Computer Science, Intro to Interpersonal Communication, Intro to Financial Literacy, or other obviously life-skill building courses not only give you powerful tools to take on life after college, but they can be a tremendous asset when it comes time to start your career. Things like basic computer skills and basic communication skills put you ahead and make you a much more valuable employee.

Base Knowledge for Major Courses

You would be surprised by what kinds of knowledge you need just to take an advanced class in your major. What might surprise you, even more, is how much of that knowledge isn’t taught at any time over the course of your major. Classes like an intro to statistics, statistical analysis, intro to research, library skills, or intro to data analysis can prepare you for the more technical courses in your major. The advantage puts you ahead of the scrambled learning curve your classmates will experience allowing you to dive into the curriculum without the unnecessary headache of trying to learn the basics on the fly.

Life Skills

Have some fun and learn something that will give you knowledge for the rest of your life, outside your major. Explore a course for fun every now and again and reap the rewards of a more fulfilled life. Take a course in geology, agriculture, archeology, poetry, or some other course that has nothing to do with your major. The life lessons it can teach you are priceless, and the hobbies they could give you will enrich your life forever. If nothing else, you will gain memories you would not have had before.

Don’t get so caught up with the end goals that you miss out on the opportunity for growth in the journey. Allow yourself to explore a little. Take a few courses for life skills, or just for fun and let yourself revel in learning something for no other reason than you want to know it. College is about all kinds of learning so, take part in all the learning you can find.

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