Reading: Resources to Boost Your Reading Skills

The chances are that most of your classes are going to require several hours of reading per week. If you struggle with reading in any way, it can be a huge hindrance to your in-class performance. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with the reading, don’t worry, there are a lot of resources to help you boost your reading skills. Let’s take a look.

Resources to Learn the Basics

There are quite a few online courses to help you learn the basics of reading. is a phonics-based course for adults. The first ten lessons are free. provides reading courses for free that cover everything from the basics of reading to more advanced skills.

Do some digging at your public library. Chances are your local library provides information on how to find an adult literacy class in your area. These classes are highly effective at teaching adults the basics of reading, sharpening comprehension skills, and helping you succeed.

A private reading tutor may also be a fantastic option to help pinpoint your individual reading needs. Private tutors are pricey, but they can save your grade and give you the skills you need for success in college and life after college.

Resources to Boost Your Skills

There are a lot of resources to increase your reading skills available online. For example, study.comĀ provides five free online courses targeted at specific reading skills. Those classes include “reading” which focuses on skills such as skimming, in-depth reading, speed reading, and reading for understanding. Some of their more advanced courses teach you how to read for analysis of symbolism, read for argument, and more.

If you’re interested in speed reading, then an app like SpritzĀ might just be the solution you need. Spritz helps you speed read text without losing meaning, or comprehension. They have a variety of apps for a variety of browsers and devices. Spritz can help you cut way back on time you spend on your reading assignments and help you improve your grades.

Good reading skills aren’t just necessary for success in the classroom. Good reading skills are a vital tool you will need throughout your life. If you are struggling with reading, you are worth the time and effort it takes to improve. Make your life a little easier and find some reading help today.

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