Relationship Goals: Staying Together Through College

Maintaining a serious relationship is hard work, but when you throw the hectic world of college on top of it, things can get crazy. So, how do you survive college while keeping your relationship healthy? Let’s explore.

Manage Stress Levels

One problem couples encounter in college is that both of your stress levels hit the ceiling. Unfortunately, stress can make you and your significant other short-tempered and impatient. However, if you both take time to do some self-care, talk about why you’re stressed out and share each other’s burdens, you can avoid a lot of stress-driven conflicts.

Be Flexible 

Part of college is learning how to deal with unpredictability. Sometimes your work schedule changes. Professors change the syllabus even after they say they won’t. Some homework turns out to be far more time consuming than you anticipated. All of these shifts and changes are liable to impact your plans with your significant other. Be patient and be flexible. Do your best to keep your commitments to your partner, but realize that you have a whole world of responsibilities, and so do they.

Study Together

You will both have a lot of study time on your hands, and a lot less free time. One great way to spend more time together is to have study dates. Just make sure you actually study.

Keep Open Communication

Make sure to talk every day. It’s easy to get caught up in school and work and forget to communicate with your significant other. Text good morning, call on your lunch break and do everything you can to keep the lines of communication open.


Make your relationship a priority. Dedicate time and energy toward it. Maintaining your relationship might mean spending less time with friends or having a little less “me” time. However, it’s worth it.

Keeping your relationship through college is possible. Just remember that the more serious a relationship gets, the more work it requires. If it’s the right person, it’s worth all the work and time.

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