Senior Year: Graduation, Goodbyes, and Beyond

Senior year is where it all comes to a head. It is your final push to graduation, your last classes as an undergraduate, and a time of some major decisions. Here are all the thrilling experiences awaiting you in your senior year.

Your Last Classes

Senior year is, hopefully, the last year you will ever need to take undergraduate classes. These classes are where you will learn perhaps the most pertinent information regarding your degree program. After these classes, you have to fly.

Career Choices

Before senior year even ends, you should be looking for a job. Your degree will be your ticket to great job opportunities. It is important to start interviewing as soon as possible. If the career you are looking into does not require letters of recommendation from your professors and advisors, get some anyway. They are your best indicator of ability.

Grad School?

If you’re thinking of pursuing a graduate degree, start looking now. Research what you want to do, where you want to get your degree, and how you want to accomplish your goals. Grad school doesn’t have to start immediately after your graduating year, but it can be an excellent time since you’ve already built the studying momentum. Take this year and make some concrete plans and go for it.


No matter how you decide to celebrate it, there’s no feeling like college graduation. Most of your life, you have been working toward this huge milestone, and whether or not you decide to walk with your class, you’ve made it. The feeling is unlike any other. It is simultaneously thrilling, beautiful, terrifying, and triumphant. This is your victory. No matter how you decide to celebrate, do not let this moment pass unnoticed. You did it.

Senior year is the end of one journey and the beginning of the next. You step out of the undergraduate college student world and you step into a world of careers, decisions, and new life experiences you would never have had otherwise. Congratulations, through every challenge, you have made it to this moment. Work hard, play hard, and celebrate the victory.

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