Sick at School: How to Survive Illness on Campus

If you’re on campus during cold and flu season, chances are you’re going to get sick at least once. How do you deal with being sick without failing your classes? Let’s take a look.

Know When to Stay Home

Believe it or not, your professors notice who comes to class and who doesn’t. If you think you can handle making it to school, you should try. Sit in the back, don’t touch anybody and do your best. However, there are some illnesses where you should stay home and quarantine yourself.

Stay home and email your teacher telling them you’re sick if you have any of the following symptoms.


-High Fever (if it’s quite high, seek medical attention)

-Extreme diarrhea

-Uncontrollable hacking cough.

If you have any illness that lasts more than two weeks or you have a persistent and high fever, go to the doctor.

If you feel like you have some mild congestion and some sinus pressure, you’re probably ok to go to class. Use your best judgment.

Eat Well

It’s hard to eat when you’re sick, but it’s super necessary. Make sure to eat healthy food to help your body recover. Also, stay hydrated. Hydration can help prevent your cold turning into something more serious.

Bundle Up

Make sure you’re dressed for the elements. Even if you have a fever, you don’t want to stand out in the snow and cold wind. Stay warm and dry.


The best thing you can do for yourself is to get some rest. Even if you’re trying to make it to class, take it easy. When you’re home, get comfy and do homework in bed and take plenty of naps. Go to bed early and don’t do more than you have to.

Being sick on campus is no fun. However, you can survive if you take the proper steps to take care of yourself. Try not to spread your germs and rest up so you can get back on your feet. So, take it easy and get well soon!

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