Tailgates, Face Paint, and School Spirit: The Joys of Joining Your School’s Student Section

It’s football season. That means your school is already flying their colors, throwing awesome parties, and filling its stadium with screaming fans. The energy on campus just before a football game is electric, but just being on campus isn’t enough. How do you become part of the energy and enjoy the full force of an in your face football game? Join your school’s student section. Here’s what the student section can offer you.

Tickets to All Home Games

Most student sections provide every member with tickets to every home game, and the student section has some of the best seats in the house.


Your school wants you to fly your school colors. Joining the student section usually comes with a t-shirt, and other cool swag to help you show off your school pride. Save it for the games or wear it all year round. Either way, that shirt says you were part of the biggest party of your school year.

Pre-Party, Game Party, After Party

Student sections are non-stop parties. Usually, your school throws a catered tailgate serving up some delicious free food before the game. Then, the student section is one massive football party during the game. After the game, it’s not uncommon for victory or condolence parties to spring throughout the student section. No matter what, you’re guaranteed an incredible¬†time.


When you’re part of the student section, you’re part of your school’s memory. You can say you were there for that impossible win. You were part of that amazing tailgate that went down in history. You cheered your team through impossible odds, and you witnessed history in college football. Yes, joining the student section costs money but the memories you make are priceless.

Participating in a student section is a fantastic way to feel like you’re part of your school without committing to taxing schedules, greek row rules, or student body presidency. All you have to do is pay the initial fee and have fun at the football game. It’s the perfect way to live college to the fullest. So, have a little school spirit and join your student section today.

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