Taking Advantage of Office Hours

A lot of college students don’t bother taking advantage of their instructors’ and professors’ office hours. They think it’s too time-consuming, or too awkward and feel like the benefits don’t outweigh the costs. However, office hours can provide you with a lot of advantages that may surprise you. Let’s take a look.

Building Professional Relationships

Most of your classes probably consist of anywhere between forty and one hundred students. It’s easy for you to blend into the background and get lost in the crowd. By taking advantage of office hours, you properly introduce yourself and begin building a professional relationship with your professor/instructor. This makes it easier to ask for letters of recommendation and helps you build a rapport for future classes.

Deeper Understanding of Concepts and Grades

Office hours allow you to talk to your professor one-on-one about the topics covered in the course. You can ask deeper questions than those asked or covered in class thus granting you a broader picture of the course material.

You can also understand your grades on tests and papers better by bringing them your exams or your work and having them walk you through where you went wrong. That way you can perform better on future tests and assignments and improve your grades.

Improve Your Attitude

Getting to know your professor a little outside of class can help you understand their teaching methods better. It can help you feel less overwhelmed and help improve your overall attitude toward the course. A better attitude often translates into better performance and better grades.

Pro Tip: Be Respectful 

Your professor/instructor doesn’t just sit in their office all day waiting for you to come around. They often use the time between students to answer emails, catch up on paperwork, grade papers, and assignments, and create lesson plans. Their time is valuable. Don’t waste it on idle chit chat, arguing, or whining. Also, if you make an appointment with your professor for a certain time, keep it and be punctual.

Your professors’ office hours are a fantastic opportunity for you to learn more, perform better, and build professional relationships. Use it wisely and you will have more success in college than you realized was possible.

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