“That’s My Spot”: Finding Your Favorite Place On Campus

Even if you have a place to call home away from campus, you probably live most of your life on school grounds. Colleges and universities are notoriously crowded most of the time. However, you’d be surprised what comfy nooks and crannies await you if you just take some time to do some exploring. You’ve got to find the right spot for you. Here’s how.

What Do You Like?

You have to decide what kind of place you’re looking for and what you’re going to do there. First, determine what you want to do there. Then, figure out what kind of environment makes that action comfortable. Here are a few places to search for your needs and desires.

Nap and Study

If you’re looking for a place to plop down and get a few minutes of shut-eye, you’ll want to check out the same areas you would use for studying. A library is a fantastic place for a nap, as well as a quiet place to catch up on your homework and readings. You could also try the hallways of less used buildings on couches in the corner.

Chill and Enjoy the View

If you want a view, then scout out the taller buildings with large windows on campus. Chances are you’ll find a couch and a fantastic view of the school. In the warmer months, you might also consider finding a lovely tree to sit under. It’s a new escape from the stuffy buildings you’re stuck in all day.

Socialize, and People Watch

The student union or central plazas are excellent places to meet up with your friends, grab a bite, and watch all kinds of people walk by. You’ll find exciting social hubs anywhere you can find food. Think I’m kidding? Hang out at the vending machines for five minutes.

Get Some Space

There are a lot of lesser-used buildings on campus. They all have at least a few chairs and couches for students to crash out. FInd one of those and set up camp. They’re quiet, and you’ll rarely have anyone bother you.


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