The Perks of Being a Student

Let’s face it; college isn’t as glamorous as the movies would have you believe. However, there are some definite perks to being a student. Let’s take a look.

Restaurant Discounts

Some restaurants have these lovely signs in their windows that say things like “Show your student ID and get any entrée, half off.” These beauties are the saving grace of a lot of college students. Check your local eateries and never get caught without your ID.

Bookstore Discounts

Much like restaurants, a lot of bookstores will give a discount to college students especially on things like textbooks and study aids. Does some research before you shop to make sure you’re getting the best deal your student ID can.

Meal Plans

Some colleges offer their students meal plans. It costs extra on top of your housing and tuition, but if you do the math, you’ll find it’s cheaper than buying each meal individually.

Public Transportation Passes

A lot of schools will offer free public transportation passes. Usually, your student ID will double as your transportation pass, and you can ride on your school’s dime. This can save you thousands of dollars in gas, and you’re having less of an impact on the environment. It’s win/win.

Subsidized Housing

Some schools will offer subsidized rent if you rent from an approved and participating apartment complex. The subsidization is not often a lot of money, and the apartments aren’t penthouses. However, it does put some slightly nicer apartments into your price range.

Free Internet Access

With your student ID, you can log into any campus computer and surf the web free of charge and for as long as you like. Most schools even offer free WiFi so you can access the internet from your own device without ever touching your precious data plan.

Being a college student is hard work. However, these sweet perks can help make up for it. Check your local businesses, and talk to a school counselor to see if there are any special student perks you should be taking advantage of.

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