Writing Resources: Where to Turn When Your Writing Skills Need Help

Writing isn’t everyone’s strong suit. You’d think that High School would have prepared you for college writing, but you’d be surprised by how many first-year students find that their writing is in need of some serious help. Where do you turn when you need writing resources? Let’s take a look.

Online Catch-Up Classes

There are hundreds of writing classes available online geared toward sharpening your skills in all areas. From grammar help to composition hints, you can find a class that suits your needs. A lot of these courses are free to the public but, pay attention because some of them come with hidden charges. These courses can be a life saver, but they require dedication to be effective.

Campus Offered Tutoring

Most colleges and universities have a writing center/writing lab or a writing help of some kind. These are usually free services, and they can save your life. Most of them work by appointment. Simply bring in a paper you’re working on and have one of the technicians or volunteers go over it with you. You can learn a lot just by going to the writing lab and paying serious attention.

Private Tutoring

If your writing is in dire need, then a private tutor might be the best option for you. Private tutors can be expensive but, if you’re in danger of failing a class because your writing skills are lacking, a private writing tutor can save your grade. Private tutors can give you customized tutoring to help you where you need it most. They are spectacular at helping you learn the basics and getting you caught up, so you don’t need coaching anymore.

Online Tools

If your writing is alright but could use some tightening then, you might just need to download a free tool online. ¬†Grammarly is a free online tool that helps you correct grammar and spelling, catches overused words, flags misused punctuation and suggests better word pairing. CalmlyWriter is an awesome tool if you find yourself getting distracted while you write. It provides you with a blank space free of distractions, and ads, and it’s designed to help writing be a more relaxing experience. There are a lot of other tools available to fit your specific needs. A little research can help you use the tools that work best for you.

Writing doesn’t have to be a challenge for you. Explore your options and find the resources that work best for you, your schedule, your needs, and your style. Don’t let your challenges with writing stand in the way of your dreams and goals. Start sharpening your skills today.

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